The Art of Chris Farlowe

Rhythm and Blues was the music of
Sixties MODS, and the soulful
Farlowe got as close to the black heart of R&B
as any white-boy could.
The Art of Chris Farlowe was released December 1966.
on Andrew Loog Oldham's incestuous IMMEDIATE Records label.
When we weren't at our typing jobs in the Melbourne CBD, or
dancing in our Prue Acton mini-dresses at The Catcher* and The Thumpin' Tum*,
we were drinking cheap cider and playing that Farlowe vinyl into onion rings.
These are the tracks that epitomise 1967 for me:
Side 1
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
We're Doing Fine
Life is But Nothing
Paint It, Black
Cuttin' In
Open the Door to Your Heart
Out of Time.
Side 2
North South East West
You're So Good For Me
It Was Easier to Hurt Her
(co-written by Jerry Ragavoy who also wrote Stay With Me Baby, one of The Great R&B songs of all time)
I'm Free
I've Been Loving You Too Long
(this track has great rock-cello backing)
Reach Out (I'll Be There)
Ride On, Baby

We LOVED this album (still do).
You can find YuToobs of Farlowe and be rewarded.
We knew nothing about him at all back then, beyond the liner notes, except that it seemed the most wonderful music and people who could ignore it, mystified us.

*The Catcher (In The Rye) 471 Flinders Lane Melbourne, uber-hip Mod hangout with Members, founded by photographer Ron Eden and Graham Geddes.
*The Thumpin' Tum 50 Lt.Latrobe St Melbourne, founded by Ken Moate and Ken Minogue and was ultra-hip while they ran it in the 1960's. There was no better place or time to be a teenage girl.

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fab o stuff.......those places were great

March 26, 2015  

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