Most Under-rated Band In Rock History?

A US Country-music blogger I fell over via a profile at Norm Geras
(Emeritus Professor, cricket tragic, and Country music-maven) is
Setting The Woods On Fire.

STWOF asks his: "highly intelligent readers: Tell me, in your opinion,
what rock band (not artist)
suffers the injustice of having the widest gap between
Factor A (Actual Quality & Influence)
Factor B (Level Of Recognition & Acclaim)? "

I think for this we have to separate the UK, USA and UStralia.
We immediately think of our favourite song that did not lead to a 50-album career.
Mine for the UK would be The Zombies, and for the US I would nominate Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels for the Under-dog.

The Americans at STWOF however, think in terms of their 'British Invasion', and I was thrilled to see them acknowledge the fabulous and legendary Ray Davies
(but who cannot qualify for this survey since he has been inducted into the RRHoF).
A STWOF commentor mentions our GOBetweens, but imho they are over-rated here,

The Dingoes are about to get into the ARIA HoF so that's them sorted, and
maybe a lot more of the acts on this list should have been rich and famous, and
I wish the brilliant DUFFO was a band so I could nominate him instead of settling on

TAMAM SHUD - a Sydney group which
included the brilliant Richard Lockwood.
Yes I saw them live - at
a Happening (with Ellis D Fogg strobe-lightshow for full atmosphere)
at Paddo Town Hall in 1969, and many many times after.

anybody wanna remind me of a another Aussie musical inju$tice?

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