Willie Nelson is God.
5 wives, 2000 songs, one hell of a legend.

I was saddened to read that his longtime stage manager died recently.
Poodie Locke led most of the audience and The Highwaymen on foot back to the Melbourne Hilton after their show at the Laver Arena and treated us like old friends.
A big guy.
This big: both of the Nelson crew buses had signs that said “Poodie’s on the other bus.”

If you laughed at 'Willie is God' above, you might benefit from
viewing a DVD of Edge Of Darkness -
and which featured his song
Time Of The Preacher sung drunkenly
by the 2 protagonists in a climactic scene.

The Edge Of Darkness was British excellence, so of course
it is now enduring a re-make Stateside - make sure you get the original.

Eric Clapton, who used to be God, did the music for the series and also performed it live (follow that final link for the story).

And here's a story from GodWillie:

A kid asks his mama, "How come you're white and I'm black?" And she says, "Honey, from what I can remember of the party, you're lucky you don't bark."

The link above to 'greatest show ever' quotes a reviewer -

"Edge of Darkness is a masterpiece.
It is one of those very rare television creations so rich in form and content that the spectator wishes there was some way of prolonging it indefinitely” ...

and that's how I feel also about Mr Willie Nelson, who is now 75 years on.

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