Muswell Hill billies

UPDATE 8th Dec 2013 1971 album Muswell Hillbillies has been rereleased and
  this interview with Ray Davies
is a tremendously satisfyingly and enjoyable read:
"You know, I lived in Surrey for a while," he says. "When my first marriage broke up my secretary who lived in Surrey suggested I lived down there because it would be an easier commute for her. I bought this house and immediately fired her. It was Cobham, I hated it. 
The best thing was my mum bought me three donkeys to keep the lawn down when I was on tour. One got run over and we buried it. When I left Surrey I put the others in a sanctuary but I kept looking after them, I used to go and talk to them. We only had the last one put down this year," he says. "I held him in my arms while he died, he was quite ancient …" 
Not quite sure how to respond, I say: "I don't know how long donkeys live?" "Oh," he says, "Donkey's years." Muswell Hillbillies (Deluxe Edition) is out now on RCA. Americana: The Kinks, the Road and the Perfect Riff by Ray Davies is out now. (Virgin, £18.99) Ray Davies - legend.

The Davies Brothers.
No flies on them.

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