a Baron of Keef

This image of Keef sums up Rock and Roll so totally. 
Impact, energy, joy. 
Baron Wolman captured the moment. 
As ground floor opportunities go, they don’t get much better than being asked by a 21-year-old Jann Wenner if you’d like to be part of something new. It was 1967, Baron Wolman was an experienced freelance photographer working in San Francisco and Wenner’s idea was a magazine he named Rolling Stone.
His images are on more than 40 album covers, he has authored photobooks on Woodstock, Groupies, The Golden Gate Bridge, and California from The Air, also he has been the subject of  a 2008 documentary .
After music photos he started an alternate-fashion magazine RAGS which ran for thirteen issues of which I still have four.  In one of them -
this photograph of Grace Slick (on the right) when she was a cheerleader at her California high school in 1954. Before rock and roll and probably defining why rock and roll was lovingly embraced by kids who were otherwise doomed to this style horror.and here is another photo, not because it is keef, but because it is great -
Photographer Jean-Marie Perier is a worthwhile googlesearch. He has worked since the 1960's in Paris and done Francoise Hardy a lot, with Brian Jones and Bob Dylan and the usual gang.

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Blogger Lad Litter said...

Great shot of Keith - must have been one of their early stadium shows, by the looks, and delightfully retro image of an unrecognizable Grace Slick nee Wing too. What a gilt-edged opportunity for Wolman!

February 20, 2014  

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