into the mystic

Great TV series Murphy's Law had our hero (played by Irish actor James Nesbitt) in a scene strolling with a priest and mentioning Van Morrison. The priest professed no knowledge of the name so our hero said "you know, Van Morrison. Like God, only crabbier." 
Mr Morrison is most recently aggravated by Warner Bros releasing a 5-CD set titled MOONDANCE

This will thrill many people but nothing makes The Man happy. James Nesbitt who got to deliver that droll Van remark, was born in 1965. This is the 1965 Van of THEM whose eponymous LP
blew us all away - 
 "and her name is G!... L! ... O!... R! ... I. A." 
and recorded more than a decade later by the wonderful Ms Patti Smith,
this image by Norman Seeff before her recording career is really of Robert Mapplethorpe her partner (which may explain the bare shoulder). Seeff took the image you all know of Carly Simon on her booted knees in lingerie, so you can see Patti got off easy.

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