SIR Raymond Davies

his composition A Well Respected Man had snide intent so cannot be used as a subbie here for our dear Ray who is actually genuinely and legitimately well respected. Mods with brains liked The Kinks. Bowie declined his knighthood, John Lennon returned his CBE, but Mr Davies said: “Initially I felt a mixture of surprise, humility, joy and a bit embarrassed but after thinking about it, I accept this for my family and fans as well as everyone who has inspired me to write” The Telegraph tells some more on the investiture and on the sibling-themed current project of legendary Sir Raymond Davies, The Creative from Muswell Hill.

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Blogger iODyne said...

Thanks to The Quietus for that great April 2017 interview with Sir Ray. Do follow the link to read that the guy who shot him must have got the gun and bullet from WalMart. Ray says America is ungovernable and each day it looks more and more like he is correct.
He also says he likes new Orleans because it is like North London [only warmer obvs.].

April 13, 2017  

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